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Forex Economic Calendar

Forex Calendar
As a Forex trader, the Economic Calendar is one of the best trading tools you can have. It will take you only a minute or two to review it per day, but rest assured those few minutes will have a great impact on your trades and will determine whether or not you’d become a successful trader.

The scheduled news events or any other data releases related to the economy and financial markets are displayed on the economic calendar which include GDP, Non-Farm Payroll numbers, and interest rate decisions.

You’ll encounter many of these economic data releases on a weekly basis and sometimes even per day. These events along with their scheduled time of release are listed on the Economic Calendar. The events that may have a market impact are marked in Orange dots (medium impact), and those that are highly likely to impact the market in a significant way are marked in Red dots (high impact) to indicate a major news/data release.

Below you can check out the Forex Economic Calendar for your everyday use. You can also learn about major economic events in the Forex market to help you make better trading decisions.