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Forex Malaysia

Forex Malaysia - Trade Forex in Malaysia

Forex Malaysia - Forex Trading in Malaysia
Welcome to the home of online Forex trading and Forex brokers in Malaysia! At ForexMalaysia.my, you can find the list, reviews, and ratings of the most reliable Forex brokers that offer their online Forex trading services to Malaysian traders. All the Forex brokers listed here are fully regulated and licensed by financial regulatory bodies and have acquired a high satisfaction rate as well as a great reputation among traders around the world. Some of the Forex brokers here offer malaysian client support and provide deposit/withdrawal through local Malaysian banks for faster and easier online Forex trading in Malaysia.

Furthermore, at ForexMalaysia.my, you can find latest Forex no deposit bonus, trading contests, and special offers from Forex brokers for Malaysian traders and have access to quality Forex articles, live charts, and more!

ForexMalaysia.my is your one-stop place for everything that you need to know about Forex trading in Malaysia!
XM Malaysia
• Founded in 2009, Regulated by CySEC, FCA, IFSC and ASIC
• Micro, standard, Zero spread Accounts, Floating Spreads
• $1 Minimum Deposit, Leverage up to 1:888
• MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Mobile platforms
• Trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Energies
4.8 / 5
FPMarkets Malaysia
• Founded in 2005, Regulated by ASIC of Australia and CySEC of Cyprus
• Standard and Raw accounts with floating spread from 0 pip
• $100 Minimum Deposit with leverage up to 1:500
• MetaTrader 4\5 and Iress Platforms, WebTrader & Mobile
• Trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Energies, Metals and Commodities
4.5 / 5
FBS Malaysia
Founded in 2009, Regulated by CySEC and IFSC
Micro, Cent, ECN, Zero spread Account, Fixed & Floating Spreads
$1 Minimum Deposit, Leverage up to 1:3000
MetaTrader 4 and 5, WebTrader, Mobile, CopyTrade platforms
Trade Forex, CFDs, Metals and Energies
4.5 / 5
FXTM Malaysia
Founded in 2011, Regulated by CySEC, FCA, and IFSC
Cent, Standard, ECN & ECN Pro Accounts, Floating Spreads
$5 Minimum Deposit, Leverage as high as 1:1000
MetaTrader 4 and 5, WebTrader, Mobile platforms, FXTM-Invest
Trade Forex, CFDs, Metals, Energies, Stocks
4.8 / 5
HotForex Malaysia
Founded in 2010, Regulated by CySEC, FCA and FSC
Micro, Premium, Fixed & Zero Spread accounts, 5$ Min Deposit
Fixed & Floating Spreads, leverage as high as 1:3000
MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Mobile and HFCopy platforms
Trade Forex, Metals, CFDs, Stocks and Energies
4.5 / 5
Tickmill Malaysia
• Founded in 2014, Regulated by FSA, CySEC and FCA
• Standard, Pro and VIP accounts, 100$ Min Deposit
• Floating Spreads, leverage as high as 500
• MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Mobile platforms
• Trade Forex, Metals, CFDs, and Energies
4.5 / 5
HYCM Malaysia
Founded in 1977, Regulated by CySEC, FCA, DFSA and CIMA
Fixed, Classic and Raw spread Accounts
$100 Minimum Deposit, Leverage up to 1:500
MetaTrader 4 / 5 and Mobile platforms
Trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Indices and Energies
4 / 5
OctaFx Malaysia
• Founded in 2011, Regulated by CySEC and IBC
• Micro, Pro and ECN accounts with Fixed/Floating spreads
• $5 Minimum Deposit, Leverage up to 1:500
• MetaTrader 4/5, and cTrader platforms, various payment methods
• Trade Forex, Energies, indices, and Metals
4.5 / 5
Find your preferred Forex trading broker in Malaysia:
How to Start Forex Trading from Home and Earn Online Income in Malaysia!
Who says we cannot make money with no sweat? If you are currently looking for a modern investment that is both convenient and profitable, you should consider trading in the foreign exchange market.

Forex or currency trading is buying and selling currencies simultaneously. Basically, you sell your own money to buy different currencies, and in the process, gain a profit from the Forex market.

Forex market retains the highest number of participants due to its unprecedented potential for profit-making as well as high liquidity. Forex is free, decentralized, and accessible 24/7 via various forex brokers; besides, it offers higher leverage and more reasonable costs compared to other markets. The Forex market allows you to trade easily regardless of your location and time.
Minimum Required Capital to Start Trading Forex
If you are just about to start trading, you can begin with Micro or Cent accounts, and if you have traded before, you can up your game with a Standard account.

A Forex Micro account is most suitable for newbies who do not have a lot of starter money. These accounts allow you to start trading with as low as 5 USD using micro-lots, or 10 units of the base currency. Moreover, there are brokers that offer Forex Cent accounts with a deposit as low as $1!

On the other hand, if you have more capital, you may want to go with the Standard account in which an average of 500 USD is required. In this way, you can trade in bigger volumes and increase your chances of gaining more profits.

Moreover, Forex brokers frequently offer bonuses such as No Deposit Bonus, giving you a chance to earn free money. You can also make use of their offered high leverage to increase your trading capacity.
Choosing Your Forex trading broker
To trade in the Forex market, you will need a trusted Forex broker in Malaysia to connect you to the giant Forex market. By registering yourself on the brokers website, you will be able to use their trading platform and gain access to the market.

It is of utmost importance to choose the best Forex broker that is suitable for your trading goals, capability, and capacity for risks.

Take into account the following factors:

1. Licensed, Registered, and Regulated

Make sure that your Forex broker is regulated by the relevant supervisory bodies (e.g., FCA in the UK or CySEC in Cyprus). Many irresponsible companies claim to be legitimate Forex brokers but are in fact scammers. That is why your broker should be legally authorized. Read more about regulated & licensed Forex brokers.

2. Security and Protection Guaranteed

Brokers are responsible for the safety of your funds and profits, so they should be able to 100% guarantee the safety and security of your account. They ought to keep your funds in segregated bank accounts apart from their own funds and make sure that all your account information and transactions are securely encrypted.

3. Low-Cost Quality Services

Choose a broker that can offer low-cost trading in terms of spreads, commissions, wider leverage, faster execution speed, and easier deposit/withdrawal methods. This is extremely important, especially if you have a limited amount of capital.

You can also start with the broker's demo account to try out their services, or you can open a live Forex account via the broker's website. After your account is approved, you can make your first deposit and start trading right away.
Strategies in Forex Trading
Technical and fundamental analyses can help you get a better grip on strategies.

Technical analysis is the study of currency price movements. It allows you to study the past movements of currency prices to understand the pattern. In technical analysis, traders often use charts to find similar patterns in the past price movements, believing that the patterns will repeat the same way in the future.

Fundamental Analysis, alternatively, works in a bigger and wider scope where traders study the economic, political, and social aspects of the influential countries. Traders who use this method believe that although the price movements can temporarily deviate but ultimately return to the true values.
How much money can you make by trading Forex?
Your annual income in trading Forex is in direct correlation with your trading strategy, capability, and capacity for risks.

The listed factors below could help you calculate and predict how much you can earn annually.

1. Trading Quality and Frequency

Most traders believe that they need to trade as frequently as possible to gain more revenue. You can earn more money by trading frequently and aiming for even the slightest profits possible. This is commonly known as the scalping technique.

You can also trade less frequently and instead monitor the market movements further and focus on your trading quality. You may earn money less frequently but usually in larger amounts.

2. Capital Amount or Account Size

The more money you invest in your account, the more profit you can gain. No matter what strategies you use, low capital means low returns and vice versa.

Let's say you can get a 15% monthly profit on average. So, with a 1,000 USD capital, you can obtain a 150 USD monthly return. And if you invest more capital, say 100,000 USD, your monthly return will be higher as well, (in this case 15,000 USD in a month).

3. Trade Size Amount

In trading Forex, the amount of your trade size also affects how much money you can get. However, larger trade sizes result in higher risks. If poorly managed, there is a huge chance that your trades will result in losses.

4. Compounding Trade Returns

You can always earn more money by adding your returns to your capital. This way, the money you use as capital in your account will increase, resulting in higher returns.

Let's say you have $10,000 in your account with an average 15% monthly return. You choose to keep all your profits in your account, and this will lead to an average return of $1,500 in the first month, $1,725 in the second month, $1,980 in the third month, and so on.
Forex Trading Brokers in Malaysia
Alpari Malaysia
FXTM Malaysia
XM Malaysia
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