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Experience Low-Cost Forex Trading with No Spread Account

Forex no spread account - Forex Brokers with ZERO Spread
The Zero Spread Account is one of the trading accounts offered by some forex brokers in which the price difference between BID/ASK price is as low as 0 pip, or none.

This type of account is usually combined with the automated type of order executtion using the STP process (Straight through Processing), which means that your orders will be immediately opened (passed to the liquidity providers). There are also brokers that offer Zero Spread Accounts via ECN (Electronic Communication Network), where traders can have direct access to the Forex market because the broker
s platform merely acts as a medium.

The best thing about having a Zero Spread Account is that you will get the best deal possible - trade Forex without spread! Learn more about the benefits of using Zero spread accounts. Meanwhile, here you can find the list of Forex brokers that offer Zero Spread Forex accounts.
FBS Malaysia
FBS Malaysia
Min deposit on Zero Spread account: $500
Max leverage on Zero Spread account 1:3000
Tradable Markets with No Spread: Forex, Metals, CFDs
No Spread account commission: 20$/Lot

Deposit and Withdrawal: Bank Wire, Credit Cards, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, FasaPay, Skrill, Neteller, Local Malaysian Banks

Regulations: CySEC, IFSC
Country: Russia

Trading Forex without Spread (Zero Spread), what are the benefits?

Zero spread account is usually running in an STP and ECN environment, you will be able to get direct access to the market with faster order execution compared to standard accounts.

By using an account without spread, you know your entry and exit level beforehand. Since you know how much you are going to pay for other costs, you can calculate your profits and losses. In this way, every trade will be under your command.

In addition, as brokers are usually considered facilitators for this type of account; this gives you a free hand to put into effect all trading strategies. Think about it, the more deals you make, the more money the broker gets, everybody wins. Thus, if you are a day trader or a high-frequency scalper, Zero Spread Account is an ideal choice for you.

So, here
s the summary of the benefits that you will get:

cheaper than trading with a fixed spread
direct access to the Forex market
real pricing and transparent costs
available for all trading strategies

Disadvantages of Zero Spread Account

Since the broker
s main source of revenue, i.e., the spread, is gone, naturally they will have to find other ways to compensate for it. For example, by requesting a higher amount of capital, initial deposit, or a higher commission. Some Forex brokers charge a fixed commission in the amount of 5 - 20 USD for every standard lot traded on Zero accounts.

Other unfavorable conditions that you may encounter in a Zero Spread Account could be the absence of Negative Balance Protection and the possibility of slower execution speed for accounts that are offered in a non-automated trading environment.

So, here
s the summary of the disadvantages that you should know about:

higher commission and initial deposit requirement
slightly slower execution speed if not in an ECN enviroment or STP process
possibility of no Negative Balance Protection