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HotForex HFCopy Review

Currently, Forex trading is one of the most popular ways to invest your financial assets. The business is so appealing that the number of Forex traders increases more and more every year. Most people think that a Forex trader needs to be available 24x7, study Forex thoroughly to understand how it works, and keep monitoring his equity, all at the same time. But, as a forex trader, do you have enough time to do all of that?

There is no reason for you to worry, HotForex Malaysia is now offering the HFCopy Program as the best and the most convenient way to become a Forex trader in the middle of your busy life.
Rating: 4.6 / 10

What is HFCopy?

HFCopy is a tool, easily accessible via browsers, which allows traders to unite and work together as allies and master the market eventually. If you are an advanced trader with trading experience, then become a Strategy Provider and display your trading strategy, knowledge, and expertise in exchange for a performance fee (up to 35%). However, if you find yourself to be more focused on the result and dont want to depend on your trading strategies, in that case, become a Follower. In this way, you can copy the strategy of a certain Strategy Provider and pay a fee (up to 35%) for their services. Being a follower is more suitable if you are just a fledgling forex trader whos learning the tricks of the business.

Investing via HFCopy is as easy as creating an account which is fully controlled by yourself; you can make a deposit, withdraw your funds, and close your trades the way you see fit.

Designed and developed by the award-winning broker, HotForex, HFCopy is offered in two categories: Followers and Strategy Providers. As a member of HF Markets Group, HotForex provides top-level security for its traders
funds. The company has insurance up to €5,000,000 - which covers most of the risks that lead to financial losses, keeps clients funds in segregated accounts at major banks, and applies the policy of negative balance protection. Additionally, HotForex clients have access to various supporting services and tools such as terminology, FAQ, trading tools, and Forex education (e.g., webinar, analysis, and article.)
HFCopy HotForex Copy Trading

How Does It Work?

If you are new to forex trading market, its better to sign up as a Follower in HFCopy and use the experience of seasoned traders. You can follow any Strategy Provider that you like, copy their strategy and pay them the required fee.

You will also have full access to your account to monitor the trades, close positions, withdraw profits, set Rescue Level and Volume Allocation Percentage, and so on. Becoming a Follower is especially recommended for those who want to become a Forex trader but have neither the time nor the know-how to come up with their own trading strategies.

Advanced and experienced Forex traders, on the other hand, can choose the role of a Strategy Provider. In that case, you are required to register a Strategy Provider account with HotForex to demonstrate your strategies, techniques, and eventually your results. Strategy Providers whose trading results are promising can accept Followers and get paid for their performance.

The copy ratio in HFCopy trades is calculated as follows:
HFCopy Formula
For example, a Strategy Provider has equity of $5,000 and three followers with the following equities:
HFCopy example 1
If the Strategy Provider opens three positions: 1 lot, 0.5 lot, and 0.1 lot, then the calculation will be as follows:
HFCopy example 2

Benefits of Becoming a Follower (Investor)

As a Follower, you can bypass the complexity of Forex trading strategies and instead have others do the job for you. Followers enjoy benefits such as:

Controlling trades at any time

Since HFCopy allows MT4 access, you can start and close trades at any time. The one who controls the trade will be you.

• Deciding how much to risk

You can decide how much of your equity you want to put at risk. The Volume Allocation will allow you to determine what percentage of the Strategy Provider’s trades you wish to copy.

• Setting your own rescue level

You don’t have to invest your account’s entirety. The Forex Market is very volatile, so using Rescue Level you can keep a fraction of your funds secure, in case the trades go sideways.

• Unfollow anytime

HFCopy is an open market that allows you to choose your own Strategy Provider. If you feel that your Strategy Provider is not suitable for you, you can decide to unfollow them anytime and go with a more suitable one.

• Withdrawing your funds anytime

Having a Follower account enables you to withdraw profits or any available funds anytime you want.

Joining HFCopy as a Follower is as easy as snapping your fingers. You need to choose, follow, and monitor:

1. Go to HotForex website and open a live account
2. Choose a Strategy Provider
3. Add funds and start following
4. Monitor the performance

Benefits of Becoming a Strategy Provider (Professional Traders)

If you wish to demonstrate your expertise in Forex trading and make some profits, you can open a Strategy Provider account and gain various benefits as follows:

Performance fee up to 35%

When you have positive results in your performance, you will be able to receive the agreed performance fees from your followers. Negative results in your performance will force you to gain more profits to compensate for the money you have lost so you can receive a performance fee again.

• Monthly payments

You will be able to gain your performance fees once a month via the account’s myWallet after it is all calculated using the High Water Mark Principle. This principle is a built-in system in the HFCopy program which prevents the Strategy Providers from getting paid for poor performance unless they compensate for the money they have lost by acquiring better trading results.

• Three strategy accounts

As a professional trader, you can have three Strategy Provider accounts for trading. You can also apply different settings for each account.

• Show off your trading skills and knowledge

Your profile as a Strategy Provider is displayed on a performance table to be reviewed, compared, monitored, and chosen by the Followers. Consider yourself a Forex trading celebrity and take your chance with HFCopy.

• Utilize the automated calculations

Your job as a professional trader with a Strategy Provider account is to formulate the best Forex trading strategy for you and your followers. As for the numbers and details, you can rely on the HFCopy automated calculation. It will automatically calculate your followers’ Volume Allocation, Rescue Level, and other important figures.

To be a Strategy Provider, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to HotForex website and create your strategy account
2. Deposit your funds into your account
3. Start trading to show your skills and attract Followers
4. Receive performance fees